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We believe in serving others well.

Our mission at Brand Yak is simple. We believe that if we serve those around us well, it will carry a ripple effect to the rest of our communities. One brand at a time, we're helping to facilitate deeper human connection between online brands and their customers.

Branding and Design

We work with existing and emerging brands to reshape how their look, feel, and story is conveyed to their audience. This includes crafting the user experience and optimizing it for the best possible journey for the end shopper.


Development and Implementation

Once we have created a comprehensive user experience solution, we will move on to implementing the concept by creating a new Shopify theme for your store. This process also includes app and platform integrations.



Through the process of creating a world-class team of incredibly talented Shopify specialists, we discovered there are more ways we can help our clients. This includes custom product selection quizzes, lighting-fast site speed optimizations, landing & opt-in pages, and much more.


Content Marketing

Once you have a beautifully-designed, fast site that's optimized for conversions, content is what creates new, organic traffic and keeps customers returning again and again. A great content strategy can include website copywriting, blogging, press/media outreach, guest posting, and social media.

Product selection done right.

Our primary goal is to create a seamless environment for customers to connect and shop with your brand. In order to do this, we’ve mastered the art of art of product selection quizzes.

An excellent product selection quiz allows customers the luxury of knowing they’re buying the perfect product for their needs. Resulting in less returns and higher product page conversion rates.

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